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The Fozzie Miller Group provides thoughtful advisory and strategic consulting services in the areas of national security; maritime security; military logistics integration; international relations; leadership, education, and training – including strategic, operational, and tactical doctrine development; wargaming; organizational structures; and weapon system acquisition and integration.


Founded by Vice Admiral John W. “Fozzie” Miller, United States Navy, (Retired) in 2015 following a four-decade long career in the United States Navy, the Fozzie Miller Group (FMG) is devoted to providing quality national security advisory and strategic consulting. FMG’s services are based on and led by Admiral Miller’s experiences in the military and his extensive knowledge of how military organizations excel.

With decades of experience in the military and private sector, the FMG team has available a vast network of highly experienced former government, military, and business professionals, former Flag and General Officers, Ambassadors and senior government officials, as well as thought leaders from think tanks around the world. FMG’s mission is rooted in advancing global security and is bipartisan in nature, without preference to any particular political party. 

FMG accesses and has direct connections to U.S. industry giants, as well as emerging companies in the industry focusing on advanced technologies, cyber, and aerospace. FMG’s network reaches far beyond Washington as the FMG team enjoys relationships with military organizations, governments, and business leaders from around the world, including Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Founded by
Vice Admiral John W. “Fozzie” Miller
United States Navy
Over 40 years of experience
Areas of Expertise

FMG understands the challenge for nations to protect the homeland from both internal and external threats. Robust national security solutions from national defense strategies to service and individual command strategies are necessary to ensure national security risks are being evaluated and security objectives are being met.

Relying upon decades of experience in the global maritime environment, FMG is well postured to advise on specific maritime security issues virtually anywhere in the world. FMG expertise in this area includes port infrastructure development and security, force protection, maintenance of the sea lines of communication, sea control, and power projection issues.  

FMG possesses decades of experience using and overseeing significant portions of a global military logistics supply chain. With a thorough understanding that each part in the supply chain relies on every other link, FMG has the reach and experience to develop or improve military logistics integration. FMG has access to subject matter experts in every facet of logistics integration.

Military education, including basic training and indoctrination preparation, technical training program development, and mid-grade and senior officer education are imperative for developing the force. Relying on years of training and educational experience and access to curricula and faculty at all levels of training and education, FMG tailors educational curricula to suit the needs of its clientele. 

FMG provides advice and strategies on doctrine development and organizational structure and alignment. Doctrine provides the foundation upon which organizations build the structures necessary to ensure successful implementation of defense strategies.

FMG has a unique ability to bring new technologies and advanced weaponry to clients facing unprecedented security challenges in a constantly evolving environment. Streamlining and preserving capital are vital components of military excellence, and FMG can assist clients in assessing their acquisition activity to ensure efficient, strategy-based acquisition is the norm. FMG develops creative solutions for clients from acquisition to sustainment to integration of new and legacy systems to achieve results.

As a thought leader in national security and foreign policy, FMG provides prudent and informed advice on the impact of current events on national security. FMG produces strategies on military engagement and cooperation with international organizations and partners – including joint exercises and coalitions.

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